Ehrlich I (2004)

Excellent science and full lecture halls

Ehrlich I (2004)

A truly global meeting (visitors from 84 countries) in a well
designed and specially decorated conference center

2nd World Conference on (Ehrlich II)

October 3 - 5, 2008

Nürnberg, Germany



This conference is dedicated to Paul Ehrlich and is held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his Nobel Prize award. In his Nobel Lecture on December 11th, 1908 Paul Ehrlich layed out the foundation of chemotherapy and the use of drugs to cure patients. He coined the term Magic Bullets and this term has remained in science as well as in the lay world for particularly important and clinically efficacious drugs.

At this conference the discovery, development and successful use of Magic Bullets in clinical medicine will be presented and vividly discussed. Particular reference is given to PK/PD – relationships to develop and use Magic Bullets in patients more rationally by use of the modern methods of individualization of drug therapy.

The conference is aimed to bring together clinical and pharmacological scientists.

This conference is hosted by the

German Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
(Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft e.V. - DPhG)


ISAP – International Society of Anti-infective Pharmacology



We are grateful to the Sponsors of EHRLICH II.
Without them this conference would not be possible

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Symposien, Vorträge und
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Programme ab 12. September verfügbar


der Arbeitsgemeinschaft HNO-Infektiologie
der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie

Bayerische Apothekerkammer

Important dates

Conference hours

October 3rd, 8 AM–10 PM
October 4th, 7.15 AM–7 PM
October 5th, 8.45 AM–4 PM
Electronic Conference Registration ends:
October 1st, 2008
Hotel Registration closed
Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the
Nobel Prize awarded to Paul Ehrlich
(includes theater play on Paul Ehrlich)
See preliminary program

The information contained herein is of September 26th, 2008.

Please look for daily UPDATES with possibly important information.

We will publish also directions for hotels and other important information in the next few days.


We are extremely pleased to announce 1546 presentations accepted
by EHRLICH II from almost 100 countries. It is evident that
EHRLICH II has already in its second occurrence become probably one
of the most interdisciplinary and truly global conferences.

We are pleased that many world class researchers have accepted
our invitation and contributed to a great program.

Link to SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (please click)


PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR PROGRAM UPDATES DAILY since there are still a number of colleagues who are struggling for visas. The organizers want to apologize for the Germany embassies’ slow and extremely restrictive procedures. But this is outside our influence.

Therefore EHRLICH II plays its planned role in bringing together scientists from around the globe
that would otherwise not meet. Scroll yourself through the submissions and come to EHRLICH II,
as a presenter or a participant. Great science and the special atmosphere of an EHRLICH –
conference makes your trip to Nürnberg, Germany, worth it.
We are looking forward to welcoming you here in a few weeks.
The EHRLICH II – organizers.

The abstracts will be on the homepage by Monday, October 29th, 2008. Simply download the WORD - file and take it with you. In agreement with more and more scientific societies and by acknowledging environmental aspects we will not print an abstract band. Abstracts on the EHRLICH II –homepage are fully citable in scientific papers and have a much wider distribution than a few printed abstract books that are thrown away anyway after the conference. Also enough print outs and a few CD’s will be available on site to search. If for an important reason you will also be able to print out an abstract.

See EHRLICH I – pictures and attendance statistics:

After the great success in 2004 during Ehrlich I with almost 2000 participants from 84 countries (see picture gallery) and 600 excellent presentations, we are delighted to invite you to the “Second World Conference on Magic Bullets (Ehrlich II)”.
This conference will have an “extended spectrum” covering of Magic Bullets in general and agents from many therapeutic areas.

This conference is hosted by the journal CHEMOTHERAPY, the only journal which is dedicated to the work and foundation of chemotherapy by Paul Ehrlich.